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I was a guest on the Running in Production podcast with Nick Janetakis! We talked about how a Community College professor like me deployed JupyterHub online using a Digital Ocean cloud server.

Check out the podcast episode here.

If you want to see how I deployed JupyterHub for my students, see the link to the documentation I built of the process below:

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I have been working on building some Ansible Playbooks to automate my JupyterHub deployments. Not ready for production, but you can see the Playbooks I've developed so far here:

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Before we started recording, Nick and I chatted a bit and reviewed the Google Doc he sent me to prepare for the interview. Nick is a real pro. He made sure the audio quality was top-notch and assured me that he could edit out any trouble spots (like when I had to cough and take a drink of water during the recording). I recorded my audio hidden inside a closet in our basement surrounded by blankets.

A couple of notes about being a podcast guest:

  • Nick sent out a Google Doc with some talking points and how to set up audio recording with Audacity before we recorded. It was helpful to have some talking points to jog my mind during the interview.
  • I set up to record in a closet and put my laptop on a folded towel.
  • I used a USB microphone sitting on a different bin than the laptop and a set of headphones.
  • Nick and I chatted over Zoom before we started recording. It was great to learn more about Nick and how he got into podcasting.
  • Nick edited the audio after we recorded. Knowing that the recording could be modified was made it easier for me to speak freely.
  • Because Running in Production episodes are edited and Nick has multiple guests lined up, the episode with me was posted a few weeks after we recorded.
  • When the episode came out, I tweeted the episode link out (I also wrote this blog post).
  • I listened to the episode while I was on a run. And honestly, it sounded great!

Thank-you Nick and the Running in Production Podcast for helping me share my story with the software community!