I started this blog after teaching a course on Engineering Programming at Portland Community College (ENGR214). In the course, we used MATLAB. But this cost students $49 for a student version. As we strive to move towards open education resources, I wanted to reduce the cost for students to take the course. This led me to Python. My goal is to help reduce student cost and investigate how Python could be used in an engineering programming course instead of MATLAB.

I earned my PhD in Material Science and Engineering from the University of Washington. Currently, I work as a Professor of Engineering and Engineering Technology at Portland Community College in Portland, OR. Teaching at a community college is my dream job.

I have two inquisitive daughters and a wonderful and supportive wife. Coding downstairs in the den after the kids go to bed would not be possible without the my wife's gracious support.

In my garage is sitting a '76 Scout II. It barely runs, is rusty all over and smells like a cheap oil change. I hope to get it on the road this summer.

I play soccer and follow the Seattle Sounders and Portland Thorns.

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