Problem Solving with Python

My book Problem Solving with Python 3.6 Edition was published Winter 2019. Pick it up here: Link to Amazon

Problem Solving with Python 3.6 Edition book cover

This book is for undergraduate engineers and problem solvers learning programming. It is focused on using Python and programming to solve engineering problems. The book is written at an introductory level for people who want to get started using Python. The book starts with what is Python and how to install Python on your computer. Then it teaches you about the Python REPL and Jupyter Notebooks. Some specific Python libraries covered later in the book are:

  • NumPy - numeric computing library
  • Matplotlib - 2D and 3D plotting
  • SymPy - Symbolic math functions
  • PySerial - Communication with external hardware
  • MicroPython - Run Python on a microcontroller.

Chapter List

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Orientation
  • Chapter 2: The Python REPL
  • Chapter 3: Data Types and Variables
  • Chapter 4: Jupyter Notebooks
  • Chapter 5: Functions and Modules
  • Chapter 6: Plotting with Matplotlib
  • Chapter 7: If Else Try Except
  • Chapter 8: Loops
  • Chapter 9: Matricies and Arrays
  • Chapter 10: Symbolic Math
  • Chapter 11: Python and External Hardware
  • Chapter 12: MicroPython
  • Appendix