Problem Solving with Python 3.7 Edition cover

My book: Problem Solving with Python 3.7 Edition is available on Amazon. This is the second edition of the book. The 3.7 Edition has a bunch of updates and improvments and is tested to work with Python 3.7: Link to Amazon

The 3.7 Edition of the book has been a year in the making. Below is a partial list of updates that improved the book:

  • Code tested to ensure it works with Python 3.7
  • Code tested work with with new versions of scientific Python libraries: NumPy 1.16, Matplotlib 3.1.1, SymPy 1.4, PySerial 3.4
  • Jupyter Notebook Chapter moved to right after the Orientation Chapter
  • NumPy Chapter moved before the Matplotlib Chapter
  • Revisions to end of chapter questions