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This post is a short list of my recommended Python learning resources. I received an email from someone who found this blog and my GitHub repo and asked about the right place to go to start learning Python. The list of resources in this post comes from the email I sent back. I want to share these Python resources with everyone reading this blog.


My book Problem Solving with Python 3.7 Edition is available on Amazon. I am teaching a section of our Engineering Programming course this quarter, Winter 2019. If you would like to use the book, please feel free! I am also looking for any feedback. I'll include you in the list of contributors (with your permission) if you are interested.

For my Intro to Engineering course, I constructed this book: I welcome any edits. I'll add you to the list of contributors (with your permission) for any edits suggested. So far, one person has given me feedback. You can see how contributors are listed here:

Think Python by Allen Downey:

Python 101 by Michael Driscoll:

Python Data Science Handbook by Jake VanderPlas:


Corey Schafer's YouTube Channel:

Sentdex YouTube Channel:


My blog, the one you are viewing right now:

The Real Python Blog:

The PyImageSearch blog by Adrian Rosebrock:

Practical Business Python by Chris Moffitt:

A running listing of Python blogs. I usually read PlanetPython a couple of times a week:


Michael Kennedy's great podcast:

Michael Kennedy and Brian Okken's weekly rundown of Python news:

GitHub Repos

The labs I ran over the summer for my Intro to Engineering course are in this repo:

The labs for my Engineering Programming course this Winter are currently in development. You can find drafts of them here:

A much more extensive list of awesome Python in this repo:


This post contained a listing of different Python learning resources I use and recommend. You can learn about Python in a bunch of different mediums such as books, YouTube, Blogs, and Podcasts. I hope you find some of these resources useful.